The Draft Plan

The draft plan was published in June 2019, and distributed to all eligible businesses across the town centre. Business had more than 3 weeks to feedback their views on the plan for a BID through attending consultation workshops, completing online survey response forms or in person with a member of the BID team.

Feedback from businesses was very supportive, with a majority of responses indicating their support for the plan which has now progressed to a final BID proposal.

The draft plan can still be viewed by clicking on the link below, however the final BID proposal document is available now by clicking here

To download the draft plan for a Business Improvement District in Burnley town centre click here

“ The Burnley BID is a great opportunity for local businesses to have a stronger voice, and ensure that we develop a new focus on delivering a safer and more secure town centre for consumers and visitors. McDonalds is always keen to support the local community, and the BID is an excellent opportunity to

deliver multiple win, win opportunities for business and the local community. I would encourage all businesses in the town to vote yes for the Burnley BID ”

Karen Arciniega – McDonalds Franchise Owner Karen