Welcome to the Burnley Business Improvement District (BID) – Our Future Vision for the Town Centre

We are a group of private sector led group of retailers and companies planning an £1million investment in additional promotion and marketing campaigns, enhanced safety initiatives, bigger and better events along with improvements that will make Burnley a cleaner, greener and a better place to shop, work and spend leisure time.

“Our plan to create a modern, vibrant and connected town centre for all”

A message from the the Burnley BID Team

“Our aspirations for the BID are to promote all areas of Burnley town centre. Working together to improve marketing, events, transport, cleansing and security. Creating a more vibrant and diverse shopping experience for all – from independent traders to large scale retail organisations, we should all benefit from increased visitors in the town.”


To download the final proposal for a Business Improvement District in Burnley town centre click here.

Covid-19 Recovery

The Covid-19 crisis has been an unprecedented shock to businesses and our community. The Burnley BID team are working with the BID steering group and local partners to ensure that Burnley town centre companies are supported during this critical recovery period.

We are working with Burnley Council and Charter Walk to support the introduction of safe social distancing measures for consumers, and will be launching a consumer focused marketing programme to promote town centre businesses. Any further support measures will be communicated via email, so please ensure you are registered on the Burnley BID database by emailing BurnleyBID@groundwork.org.uk.

Get Support for your business

A range of services and support is available to companies during the Covid-19 crisis. For the latest support and advice companies are recommended to visit Burnley Council and Lancashire Boost websites by clicking on the links below:

Burnley Council – www.burnley.gov.uk/business

Lancashire Boost –  www.boostbusinesslancashire.co.uk/boost-your-recovery

The Burnley BID Executive Board

Any companies that are interested in working with us and becoming part of the BID Executive Board should get in touch by emailing burnleybid@groundwork.org.uk.

Business and Consumer Surveys

Two important surveys have also been developed to gather intelligence from consumers about their town centre and to capture information on the plans of businesses to reopen.


If you are town centre based business, please complete the Business Reopening Survey by clicking here and let us know your plans to re-open and what needs you have to support your reopening.


Burnley Town Centre companies are keen to learn the views of local consumers on the reopening of the town centre. If you are a Burnley Resident, please take two minutes to complete this short survey by clicking here

Setting up the Burnley BID

The Burnley BID is being set up between April and June 2020, and will have a full time BID Manager in place from the beginning of July 2020.  The BID Executive Board is also being established, and interested companies should get in touch by emailing burnleybid@groundwork.org.uk.

“The BID has the potential to have an incredibly positive impact on Burnley town centre. Primark came to Burnley because we saw the town’s potential for growth and having grown up here, I know there remains many more opportunities on the horizon for the town centre. The BID will be essential in enabling the business community to maximise these opportunities and create an exciting and vibrant retail and leisure destination to be proud of ”

Dan Hunt – Primark Store Manager

Business feedback during the development of the BID has consistently highlighted:

  • Poor perception from consumers about the town centre.
  • No joined up marketing of the town centre.
  • Significant challenges with anti-social behaviour.
  • A demand for more and different events to attract new consumers into the town.
  • A lack of independent businesses.
  • Limited proactive communications and sharing of information about the town centre.
  • Image enhancements on the routeways into the town.
  • Transport improvements and better car parking solutions are needed.

How we have consulted with business during the development of the BID:

  • 350 pieces of feedback.
  • Engagement with more than 200 premises.
  • Establishment of a business led steering group.
  • Engagement via letter, email and face to face visits.
  • Consultation workshops in the town centre.

“ As an independent small business, I have been impressed by the potential for growth in Burnley. I am always striving to improve my own business, and the BID will offer great opportunities for businesses across the town to benefit from a better promoted and more vibrant town centre. The BID has my 100% support ”

Russell Curwen – Quick Crepes (St.James Street)