Burnley Crime Reduction Partnership

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£15 per month*

The Burnley Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) is a partnership between the Burnley Business Community, Burnley Borough Council and Lancashire Police. The BCRP helps to create a safe environment for businesses, their employees, clients, customers and visitors.

*This price is for Burnley BID members only. Non-members are billed at £25 per month. All prices exc. VAT.

Burnley BCRP Members benefit from:

  • Secure access to an online portal that shares data and information on repeat offenders, named ‘Disc’ (GDPR compliant). Disc empowers communities to share information about incidents and offenders, as well as current awareness about safety and security matters, so businesses can better protect themselves and their property, staff and customers.
  • Full training on Disc and data compliance.
  • Secure access to a new ultra-high frequency security radio network, linked to the local CCTV control room.
  • Supply of real-time security intelligence.
  • Invitations to town centre security briefings.
  • Access to free crime prevention training.


To sign up, click Register Now below or contact Shirley Blackledge, Assistant Project Manager, Burnley BID.

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Contact Burnley Crime Reduction Partnership