Tender opportunity – footfall monitoring solution provider

Apr 11, 2024


Groundwork CLM – acting on behalf of various town centre Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) – is looking for a supplier to provide a cost to deliver a footfall monitoring solution. Through combined buying power we are looking to engage a supplier who provides an accurate data set and excellent customer service.

Due to the level of budget and the areas that we are looking to cover, we anticipate all quotations will be for non-fixed camera solutions, utilising data sourced from varying sources. We will not dis-regard fixed solutions, but our budget is unlikely to be flexible enough to meet the costs of fixed camera solutions. 

The Areas

Our initial areas of Burnley, Warrington, and Wilmslow town centres are all vibrant and exciting places to live, work, eat, shop and drink but all operate differently with various nuances. We expect the appointed supplier to understand how smaller/larger towns operate in terms of footfall movement.

Each town has an array of events delivered each year, which are organised or supported by the BID. We have an expectation that the supplier will provide detailed insights for these events, within the baseline requirements set out below. 

The Solution

Through its programmes Groundwork has procured several solutions, including fixed cameras, from a variety of suppliers. We are now looking to have a more uniformed approach to support us when analysing impact and reporting back to our BID Boards and key stakeholders. A key element to the solution we require is data reliability and the functionality of the system we would use. Below we have outlined some baseline requirements of the system and what information we require on where the data is sourced from (at a high level) and the % accuracy – i.e. when using mobile or transactional data.

 Our Requirements
  • One solution, with a clear segregation between the areas.
  • Details on the way data is collected/sourced and the analysis used to determine footfall.
  • We’re keen to ensure the data collected is not exposed to a single point of failure, i.e. through a change in data laws etc.
  • Data should be available no later than 30 days after the month end i.e. December 2023 footfall should be available by the 30th January 2024.
  • Detailed reports on specific event days, up to 6 per year per area.
  • The chosen supplier will be informed about an event where we expect a report with at least 60 days advance notice.
  • The report should be available within 30 days.
  • The ability to review historical data of at least 2 years prior to the contract start date for each area to allow for comparison reports.
  • Detailed data that provides each town with intelligence on demographics, movements, dwell times etc to inform a place based marketing strategy
 The Budget

We are looking to unify our current solutions to support colleagues in understanding and reviewing data as a team, whilst also providing a cost saving to each of our BID projects. The budget set out below is what we hope to achieve and will result in more points when scoring quotations. However, quotations will also be scored on functionality, reliability, and ease of use. On that basis, we are aware that some quotations may be over budget, and where they are, they must demonstrate clearly why they are superior when looking at the points above (functionality, reliability, and ease of use).


  • £3,000 per area
  • £9,000 combined budget
  • 12-month maximum contract length with a brake clause/review at 6 months
Timescales for delivery of the contract

Please note that contracts for each BID area may start at different times over a two month period until June 2024. This is due to each project already being under contract.

Future Opportunities

We are looking to work with a supplier in the long term, and whilst initially only looking for a 12-month contract, our ambition would be to expand and grow the services being provided. As we deliver additional work or bring onboard new projects, we would commit to utilising the same supplier on these projects.

Submitting Quotation

N.B Quotations must be submitted no later than 5pm on Wednesday 1st May 2024 via email to [email protected] 


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